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Will The Dark Knight Rises win some Oscars?

Article Link:  Will ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spell Oscars For Batman?

Sullivan talks about potential wins The Dark Knight Rises could capture at the next Academy Awards.  He makes good arguments for the potential Oscar catagories: Cinematography, Original Score, Director, Actor and (crossing fingers) Picture.  My guess for TDKR’s certain Academy nomination and potential win without seeing the movie yet would have to be Cinematography.  Wally Pfister has impressed me with every movie he has done, from Insomnia to The Dark Knight.  He already has an Academy Award, and might be the best in the game right now.  Zimmer of course has been in the game for a while (one of my favorite scores was from The Rock) and shouldn’t disappoint with his moody scoring of this film.

Overall I’m hoping this movie comes up for Best Picture, which actually isn’t as far fetched as you might think.  Although superhero movies don’t typically get these nods, Nolan might be changing the superhero genre’s perception.