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Article Link:  Top Ten Directors To Take Over Batman After ‘The Dark Knight Rises’

Forbes is already looking past the current release and to what life after The Dark Knight Rises will  hold for Batman fans (I guess their job is to predict the future).  They have a list of 10 directors, which by reading the article you can sense that they pulled some of the names out of a hat.

Ben Affleck tops the list.  That sentence probably scared most fans, as we all remember his foray into superhero movies with Daredevil, possibly the worst movie ever put onscreen.  He has somewhat made a comeback in the movie world with The Town which showed off his ability to make a fast paced thriller.  But I still have to put him on the list of no thanks.

Another interesting name is Darren Aronofsky.  He was director of The Wrestler and Black Swan, which had a darker feel that matches well with Batman.  He also helped write a script with Frank Miller based on Miller’s ‘Batman: Year One’ story arc.  The script was later shelved, possibly for not keeping with many Batman conventions.  His return to the franchise could get a good reaction by many fans, and he would surely put his own stamp on the franchise.