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Bane is a bigger monster than the Joker according to Nolan

Article Link:  The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane is ‘more of a monster’ than The Joker In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Christopher Nolan gave some deeper insight into Batman’s nemesis, Bane, for the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises.  In an intriguing revelation Nolan says that Bane was partially inspired by Dickens’ A Tale […]

Batman arrested in Bar Harbor

Article Link:  Police: Bar Harbor ‘Batman’ arrested after posting threatening Facebook April Fools’ joke Looks like ‘Batman’ was up to no good in Bar Harbor.  I am just grateful that Christopher Nolan cast Christian Bale as Batman, and not this guy (he doesn’t look like he could fit on the Batcycle). But in all honesty, […]

Spoiler Alert – You might have guessed this

Article Link:  Big ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler Revealed By Warner Bros. – Read At Your Own Risk Apparently Warner Bros. revealed that Liam Neeson will reprise his role as Ra’s al Ghul for the upcoming 3rd installment.  You might all remember him getting ‘killed’ in the monorail scene by Batman in Batman Begins.  Of […]

Gary Oldman lost The Dark Knight Rises script

Article Link:  Gary Oldman – Oldman Panics After Losing Batman Script Funny story about how Gary Oldman flew into a panic about losing the Batman script during filming.  Also interesting for its inside look into how paranoid Nolan was of the script.  He didn’t even allow scripts at the studio to contain the ending, only […]