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The Dark Knight Rises gets a PG-13 rating

Article Link:  Has The Dark Knight Rises Really Been Rated? Apparently, even though only 4 people have seen the movie, The Dark Knight Rises has garnered a PG-13 rating.  This shouldn’t surprise, as the previous two installments by Nolan were also rated PG-13 (both were a couple swear words from R).  Also the description of […]

Crew Photos from on the set of The Dark Knight Rises Reveal Hathaway, Vehicles, Scenery and More

Article Link:  The Dark Knight Rises (2012): 25 Crew Photos Reveal Hathaway, Vehicles, Scenery and More Some behind the scenes photos from The Dark Knight Rises.  Some familiar vehicles seemed to be making appearances in this movie (why is Catwoman on Bruce’s bike?)  Also some cool images of how they filmed the new flying vehicle.