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Bane is a bigger monster than the Joker according to Nolan

Article Link:  The Dark Knight Rises’ Bane is ‘more of a monster’ than The Joker In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Christopher Nolan gave some deeper insight into Batman’s nemesis, Bane, for the upcoming film The Dark Knight Rises.  In an intriguing revelation Nolan says that Bane was partially inspired by Dickens’ A Tale […]

More Dark Knight Rises merchandise to waste your money on

Article Link:  Warner Bros. Has Begun Selling THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Merchandise If you’re willing to waste $48 on a T-Shirt, then the Dark Knight Rises merchandise is for you.  Warner Bros. recently released a tidal wave of costly shirts as part of their viral marketing campaign.  One of the T-Shirts looks like it stole […]

New Dark Knight Rises Trailer released

Article Link:  Video: New Dark Knight Rises trailer released alongside viral marketing campaign Warner released the newest trailer to The Dark Knight Rises as they are starting to gear up the marketing campaign for the movie release on July 20th.  The newest trailer is a little more detailed then the one that Warner teased fans […]

Interview with Tom Hardy about The Dark Knight Rises

Article Link:  ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ star Tom Hardy talks about playing Bane and inventing the villain’s controversial voice: ‘It’s a risk.’ Tom Hardy discusses his upcoming film roll in The Dark Knight Rises.  I find it interesting that Hardy seems to have taken the origins of Bane seriously, even trying to get his voice […]