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Surprise surprise, The Dark Knight Rises is the most anticipated Superhero movie of the summer

Article Link:  Fans name The Dark Knight Rises as Most Anticipated Superhero Movie of the Summer

Apparently someone decided to make a poll to see what the most anticipated Superhero movie of the summer would be, and found out it was The Dark Knight Rises.  I could have saved them time and money by telling them this a year ago.  I guess this poll will only confirm the widely held suspicion that TDKR will be the highest grossing movie of the summer.  In the poll The Avengers came in a distant 2nd to TDKR, and in 3rd was the rebooted Spiderman movie with 10% of fans most anticipating it.  I guess you can’t win them all Stan Lee. 

The Hollywood studios definitely anticipated this conflict of Superhero movies and decided to space them out over the summer.  The Dark Knight Rises is the last of those 3 movies to come out (on July 20th), so The Avengers (May 4th) and The Amazing Spiderman (July 3rd) should have plenty of time to hit their earning quotas before TDKR takes over.  No matter who wins the box-office war, this should be an amazing summer for breaking movie records.