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Nolan wants to finish Batman story “in the biggest way possible”

Article Link:  “The Dark Knight Rises” will be a “spectacle,” says Christopher Nolan

When an actor or studio rep starts hyping The Dark Knight Rises, you can shrug it off.  But when the somewhat secretive and reserved Nolan pronounces that the movie will be a “spectacle”, it can excite you.  Nolan said his goal was to make the viewers excited the moment they entered the theater.  This probably was going to happen no matter what for fans of his trilogy, but him saying it is reassuring to hear.

Nolan released more footage at a Vegas convention of theater owners.  The description of what he released sounds like the trailer a few special patrons saw months ago at select MI-4 screenings, with some added footage of Ann Hathaway looking sexy.  Hopefully more footage continues to be released in the next few weeks preceding the opening on July 20th.  Maybe they will release the previous select trailer for The Avengers and The Amazing Spiderman movies.