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Is The Dark Knight Rises going to suck? (Blasphemy!)

Article Link:  Can The Dark Knight rise to the task? 

The Guardian opens up the question of what we would all do if The Dark Knight Rises sucks.  Personally I don’t see how this is possible, but I guess someone has to ask it.  Apparently Catwoman is too campy a character for some fans, according to the article.  And the mumbling Bane is concerning to none other than Warner studio heads, who became concerned after the 6 minute preview had fans laughing at their inability to hear the Super Villain.  And lastly, the article points out that The Avengers could actually be the biggest Superhero movie of the Summer, which is already getting rave reviews from critics.

Of course this is all extreme conjecture before the movie has come out.  The studio has worked to clean up Bane’s voice, and Catwoman is a classic Batman villain that if used right, should fit right in with Nolan’s dark trilogy.  Lastly, The Avengers has definitely dominated the marketing for the last couple months, but we are still 2 months from The Dark Knight Rises’ release.  I’m almost positive this movie will be a classic, as Nolan is too skilled to let us all down on his conclusion his Batman trilogy.