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Does Marion Cotillard play Ra’s al Ghul’s daughter in The Dark Knight Rises?

Article Link:  The Many Faces of Marion Cotillard

In a far reaching interview from The Hollywood Reporter, Marion Cotillard touched on a number of subjects, including the often heard rumor that she plays Talia al Ghul the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul.  Her character is officially titled Miranda Tate in the script, but fans have speculated over her real identity since the announcement of her character months ago.

Marion revealed in the interview that she is not playing Talia al Ghul, and that she a “good guy”.  She was very tight-lipped about exactly what role Miranda Tate plays, except to say she cares about the environment and has an interest in Wayne Enterprises.  That definitely doesn’t reveal much, but going by her answers and how little she spent on the set (she was filming another French film simultaneously), its fair to say her role in The Dark Knight Rises is probably minor and/or short on screen-time.

Christopher Nolan seems to like going to actors he has used in previous films, like Tom Hardy (Bane) and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (John Blake), who both were in his earlier film Inception with Marion.  So it is safe to say that in all probability Christopher Nolan was using an actress he trusted in a small role, and that Miranda Tate doesn’t have as big a role as rumors suggest.

But maybe I’m wrong, and Nolan has one more surprise waiting for us with Ms. Tate.  We shall see.