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Spoiler Alert – You might have guessed this

Article Link:  Big ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Spoiler Revealed By Warner Bros. – Read At Your Own Risk Apparently Warner Bros. revealed that Liam Neeson will reprise his role as Ra’s al Ghul for the upcoming 3rd installment.  You might all remember him getting ‘killed’ in the monorail scene by Batman in Batman Begins.  Of […]

Gary Oldman lost The Dark Knight Rises script

Article Link:  Gary Oldman – Oldman Panics After Losing Batman Script Funny story about how Gary Oldman flew into a panic about losing the Batman script during filming.  Also interesting for its inside look into how paranoid Nolan was of the script.  He didn’t even allow scripts at the studio to contain the ending, only […]

Will The Dark Knight Rises win some Oscars?

Article Link:  Will ‘Dark Knight Rises’ Spell Oscars For Batman? Sullivan talks about potential wins The Dark Knight Rises could capture at the next Academy Awards.  He makes good arguments for the potential Oscar catagories: Cinematography, Original Score, Director, Actor and (crossing fingers) Picture.  My guess for TDKR’s certain Academy nomination and potential win without […]

Crew Photos from on the set of The Dark Knight Rises Reveal Hathaway, Vehicles, Scenery and More

Article Link:  The Dark Knight Rises (2012): 25 Crew Photos Reveal Hathaway, Vehicles, Scenery and More Some behind the scenes photos from The Dark Knight Rises.  Some familiar vehicles seemed to be making appearances in this movie (why is Catwoman on Bruce’s bike?)  Also some cool images of how they filmed the new flying vehicle.

Is Gordon-Levitt playing Robin? … Probably not

Article Link: ‘Dark Knight Rises’: Who Is Joseph Gordon-Levitt Really Playing? by Kevin P. Sullivan This article by Kevin P. Sullivan has some interesting theories about the character of Gordon-Levitt.  Although his character’s name of John Blake has been found in an early Batman comic from 1942, his role in the upcoming Nolan film has […]